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St Just Parish (both)

CORNWALL > St Just in Roseland
St. Just Parish in Cornwall

Monumental Inscriptions.  St. Just Wesleyan Church

On ROWE grave headstone – ELIZABETH JANE daughter of Almond ROWE and widow of Alfred EDDY, d. 23rd Feb 1936, aged 86 years.
AMELIA EDDY, born 2nd April 1853, d. 1st Aug 1918
THOMAS H. EDDY, born 6th March 1845, d. 31st March 1895
JOSEPH EDDY d. 21st May 1900, aged 65 years.
WILLIAM EDDY, son of the above, who was drowned in Wheal Owles Mine 10th Jan 189? Aged 20 yrs.  Also in memory of ELIZABETH, wife of the above Joseph EDDY, who died aged 78 years and was interred in Preston cemetery.
JANE, wife of Edward EDDY, d. 19th July 1906, aged 70 years
EDWARD EDDY, d.16th July 1908, aged 73 years
CATHERINE, wife of Stephen EDDY, d. at Bosavern, St. Just, 3rd Dec 1861, aged 73 years
STEPHEN EDDY, d. 24th Jan 1869, aged 89 years
GEORGE EDDY, d.31st May 1892, aged 21 years
STEPHEN EDDY junr, d. at St. Breage, 6th June 1866, aged 52 years
JANE EDDY, d. at Forbes, N.S.Wales, Australia, 23rd June 1887, aged 68 years
JOHN EDDY, d. at Forbes, N.S.Wales, Australia, 28th September 1903, aged 76 years
CATHERINE (formerly Berryman) wife of Christopher EDDY, son of S. & G. EDDY, d. at Forbes, N.S.Wales, Australia, 23rd October 1878, aged 53 years
JANE OSBOURNE EDDY, daughter of the above, d. at Forbes, N.S.Wales, Australia 19th March 1899, aged 44 years
THOMAS PASCOE, stepson, d. at Parkes, NSW, Australia, 11th Dec 1857, aged 64 years
NANNIE, wife of Matthew EDDY, d. 21st Feb 1891, aged 67 years
JOHN ROWE, d. at Johannesburg, S/Africa, 4th Jan 1902, aged 55 years
MATTHEW EDDY, d. 15th October 1906, aged 83 years
NANNIE, wife of John ROWE, d. 23rd Oct 1928, aged 79 years
WILLIAM ROWE, son of John & Mary EDDY of Regent Terrace, St. Just, d. 11th Feb 188? Aged 8 years.  Also JOHN, their son, d. 10th Sept 1891, aged 18 years
JOHN EDDY, husband of Mary EDDY, d. at No. 9 Regent Terrace, St. Just, 21st May 1910, aged 81 years
MARY, wife of the above John EDDY, d. 29th May 1916, aged 78 years
ALFRED, husband of Isabella EDDY, d. at Bosorne St., St. Just, 23rd Jan 1909, aged 44
ISABELLA EDDY, d. at Queen St., St. Just, 27th Nov 1918, aged 49 years
WILLIAM EDDY, d. 3rd Oct 1895, aged 40 years
EDITH JANE LAWRY, d. 14 July 1968, aged 74 years
JANE FRANCES, his wife, d. 27th Oct 1893, aged 35 years
FRANCES SOWDEN, d. 25th Jun 1966, aged 75 years
MARY EDDY, d. 29th March 1894, aged 77 years
JOHN EDDY, d. 29th March 1874, aged 54 years
HARRIET, his daughter, died at Ashley in America, 30th Dec 1877, aged 23 years
MARY SUSAN, his daughter, died at Ashley in America, 12th July 1878, aged 27 years
JANE EDDY, wife of John EDDY, died at Wilkes-barre, P.A., U.S.A., 5th March 1904, aged 83 years
WILLIAM EDDY, died at Tregeseal, St. Just, 16th Oct 1883, aged 75 years
GRACE, his wife, died at Tregeseal, 24th March 1895, aged 86 years
HENRY POYNS EDDY, their son, d. at Bosorne Terrace, 16th Dec 1898, aged 58 years
WILLIAM BOYNS, d. 19th Nov 1849, aged 36 years
MELCHIZEDEK BOYNS, d. 31st March 1859, aged 49 years
MARGARET BOYNS, d. 30th April 1888, aged 72 years
HONOR CASLEY, d. 24th Jan 1901, aged 82 years
JAMES EDDY, d. 12th July 1934, aged 63 years
CLARA EDDY, his wife, d. 22nd Sep 1958, aged 78 years
TOM, beloved and only son of Thomas & Bessie S. EDDY, d. 23rd May 1922, aged 22 years
THOMAS EDDY, d. 3rdApril 1945, aged 71 years
JESSIE SHERIFF EDDY, wife of above Thomas EDDY, d. 30th March 1954, aged 81 years

Martin Monumental Inscriptions.   St. Just-in-Penwith.  Land’s End Cemetery

In loving memory of John Henry Martin who died at Nancherrow, St. Just 28th May 1932, aged 76 years
Also Caroline Martin, widow of the above, died 8th June 1935, age 78 years
In loving memory of Susan Jane, wife of J. H. Martin, died 28th Nov 1932, age 78
Also John Henry Martin, died 20th Dec 1954, aged 72 years
Erected by their son, Percy Martin, who was killed in Palestine May 1947, aged 33 years
Also their daughter, Dorothy, at rest in Penmount Crematorium, Truro.  Died 4th October 1970
St. Just Churchyard Tombstones

JANE OATS (wife) aged 76, buried 24th Sep 1884
WALTER OATS (son of Thomas) aged 76, buried 24th Feb 1947
RICHARD OATS from Tregeseal, aged 51, buried 11th Aug 1842
THOMAS OATS (son) aged 56, buried 30th Aug 1891, died at Kimberley, South Africa
THOMASINE OATS, aged 74, buried 23rd Mar 1948
ELIZABETH EDDY (wife of William) aged 74, buried 23rd Aug 1874
WILLIAM EDDY, aged 82, buried 21st Aug 1877
JOSEPH HOCKING, aged 25, died 26th Apr 1824
JAMES WILLIAMS, aged 60, died 22nd Dec 1845
NANCY WILLIAMS, aged 77, died 23rd Nov 1874
MARY HOCKING, aged 32, died 6th Jun 1840
PEGGY HOCKING (daughter) aged 26, died Nov 1851
MARY VEALLE (daughter) aged 21, died Aug 1852
WILLIAM HOCKING (son) aged 42, died 4th Dec 1871
PASCOE HOCKING (father) aged 81, died 21st May 1881
BENJAMIN EDDY, aged 93, died 25th Aug 1957
JANE EDDY, aged 79, died 26th Jul 1966
MATTHEW THOMAS HOCKING, aged 73, died 8th Oct 1950
THOMAS HOCKING, died at sea aged 30, died 27th Jun 1944
PASCOE HOCKING, aged 25, died 27th Jun 1944
PHILLIP SYDNEY PENALUNA, son of Richard and Jane, born 22nd Feb 1914, died 15th Jan 1984
ADA EDDY, wife of Thomas Eddy, aged 34, died 21st Dec 1913
BESSEY CASLEY EDDY, aged 86, died 1st Feb 1959
JAMES EDDY, aged 39, died 24th Feb 1918
ELIZABETH EDDY, daughter of Benjamin and Jane, aged 22, died at Higher Bosavern, St. Just, 15th Jan 1943
St. Just Church
EDDY, Sally Rosemary, died 15th Jan 1972 aged 15
EDDY, Elizabeth Jane (mother) died 29th Mar 1978 aged 58
Daughter and wife of James H. Eddy
THOMAS EDDY, died 1st Mar 1848 aged 30
WILLIAM EDDY, died 7th Dec 1878 aged 47
1914 – 1918 War Memorial Window.       H. Eddy

St. Just Book of Remembrance

Henry Eddy was the grandson of Mr. William Eddy of St. Just.  He was brought up by his relative, Mr. Trevorrow, joined the Army 9 years before the war, was present at the Battle of Ypres, and as a result of war service died in Egypt, leaving a wife and two children.
ELIZABETH EDDY, wife of William Eddy, died 23rd Aug 1874, aged 79 years.
WILLIAM EDDY, died 21st Aug 1877, aged 82 years
My dear mother and father.  W and C Eddy of Kenidjack
MARGARET EDDY, wife of Henry, died 1st Jan 1888, aged 79 years
JOHN EDDY (son) died 15th Jan 1879, aged 29 years
JAKEH EDDY, died 20th Dec 1873, aged 53 years
Martin Burials - St. Just Parish

William Martin of St. Mawes, bur 3rd Apr 1867 aged 80
Mary Ann Martin of St. Mawes, bur 17th Feb 1880 aged 65
Ethel Martin, St. Just Lane, bur 4th Jun 1896 aged 10
Martin Baptisms - St. Just Parish

Annie Martin, bap 21st Jul 1867daughter of William Martin and Mary Aidie of Caninick cottage, (Farmer)
Walter or William Martin, bap 31st Jul 1874, son of Henry & Elizabeth of Hank Engers (Chandelier maker)
Elizabeth Martin, bap 31st May 1883, daughter of William and Mary Ann. (Farmer)

St Just-in-Roseland Monumental Inscriptions

ERNEST ALEXANDER MARTIN, Commander R.N., died 2nd Jan 1928, aged 65
ETHEL MARTIN, daughter of R.W. Martin and M.A. Martin, died 30th May 1896, aged 10 years
M.A. MARTIN, died 9th Aug 1907, aged 47 years

St Just-in-Roseland Parish Church Burials

RICHARD BELLMAN, drowned off the Lizard Aug 6th 1875, aged 40 years
PHILLIPA BELLMAN, his wife, died at St. Mawes, 14th Nov 1900, aged 67
WILLIAM JOHN BELLMAN, son, (husband of Jeanne Bellman) died 15th Mar 1956, aged 85 years
SAMUEL VERCOE, son of Phillip and Jane, died 28th Apr 1928, aged 23 years
EMMA CHENOWETH, wife of Francis, died 27th Apr 1923, aged 89 years
RICHARD HARRIS, died 25th June 1920, aged 74 years
THOMAS W. HARVEY of St. Mawes, died 3rd Jun 1872, aged 50 years
FLORENCE HARVEY, wife, died Sep 1874, aged 64 years
MARGARET THOMAS, daughter, died 2nd Jan 1882, aged 14 years

Slaters Directory, Cornwall

Camelford, St Teath and neighbourhood
Revd. Glanville Martin  Otterham

Tregarthen John Coulsen 1855-1933 - trial biography
Nature Writer Novelist Cornishman Bard

1878-1901 Trinity College, Grammar School    Stratford on Avon     - “untraced articles in periodicals” (1880 – 1903)
1904 Wild Life at the Land’s End   Murray   London reprinted 1922
1906 The Life Story of a Fox   Animal Autobiographies (sic)   A. + C. Black  London
1906 The Survival of the Otter   Monthly Review   No.99 (?) XXIII, pp. 81-93     3 June 1909 The Life Story of an Otter   Murray   London
1911 Cornwall and its Wild Life   G.W.R.   London (vv. Editions up to 1924)
1912 The Story of a Hare   Murray   London   
1919 Poem Mounts Bay   “Cornishman” 30/4/19 p.6b (col)
1922 Some Observations on the Otter   Journal of the Royal Institution of Cornwall    (J.R.I.C.) Truro   Spring Vol. XX
1923 John Penrose – A Romance of the Land’s End   Murray
1925 The Life Story of a Badger   Murray   London
1928 The Otter and its Occurrence in Cornwall – Presidential Address     J.R.I.C.   Vol. XXIII, pp. 38-47
1928 The Land’s End Cliffs   Tre Pol and Pen   The Cornish Annual   London      London Cornish Assn.   Pp. 75-76
1929 A Nameless Trout Stream – Presidential Address      J.R.I.C. Vol. XXIII, pp. 70-73
1929 The Badger in West Cornwall – Presidential Address      J.R.I.C. Vol. XXIII, pp. 256-264
1929 Dunstan R.  (Foreword by J. C. Tregarthen) Cornish Song Book     Reid Brothers   London
1929 Lecture on Humphrey Davy, Penzance
1932 The Smuggler’s Daughter – A Romance of Mount’s Bay   Murray   London       

First Cornish Gorsedd at Boscawen Un in 1928
Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch.     Fowey                      Marghak Cough – Red Knight            
Charles Henderson.     Truro                             Mab Hendra – Son of Antiquity            
Dryden Hoskin.     Helston                                Caner Helles – Poet of Helston            
George Sloggett.     Cardiff                               Gwas Petrock – Servant of Petrock            
Revd. Canon Taylor.    St. Just                          Gwas Ust – Servant of St. Just            
Herbert Thomas.    Carbis Bay                          Barth Colonnek –   Friendly Bard            
James Thomas.     Camborne                            Tas Cambron – Father of Camborne            
J. C. Tregarthen.    Newquay                            Mylgarer – Lover of Wild Animals            
Edgar A. Rees.     Penzance                              Carer Losow – Lover of Plants            
W. Tregoning Hooper.     St. Agnes                     Bras Y Golon – Great Hearted            
Michael Cardew.     Bodmin                               Myghal An Pry – Michael of the Clay            
A.K. Hamilton Jenkin.     Redruth                        Lef Stenoryon – Voice of the Tinners
Dr. A.P. Derrington
‘Caradoc’, Pendeen
Penzance, Cornwall
TR19 7DZ

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